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Apply Online Yes
Max Loan amount £25,000
Min Loan Amount £1000
Max Repayment Term 10 Years
Min Repayment Term 1 Year
Website Address: Herewww.
Phone Number: Here 0845 602 2106
Min Age: 18
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UK Northern Rock Loans

1. What is the Northern Rock Loan?
Northern Rock Loan is among the top seven lending institutions in the UK. It specializes in residential and commercial mortgages and also offers household insurance. It also has a wide range of unsecured personal loans that its customers can take advantage of. If you already have a mortgage with Northern Rock, you can also take advantage of one of its secured loans.

2. What is a Northern Rock flexible mortgage?
A Northern Rock flexible mortgage allows you to make an overpayment in a little extra on the monthly payment or a lump sum payment during the year. You can also borrow back the overpayments during the year in times when you need a little extra cash or even take a payment holiday because you have extra paid in.

3. What is a Northern Rock fixed rate mortgage?

Rate Company:
Current Rate:
Rated by: 101 People

A fixed rate mortgage from Northern Rock gives you peace of mind knowing that your monthly payments will remain the same over the life of the loan. When you apply online, the terms of the loan depend on the deal you choose and whether or not you are a new or existing Northern Rock customer.

4. What is a lifetime mortgage from Northern Rock?
Northern Rock offers a lifetime mortgage to customers over the age of 65. With this type of mortgage, you use your home as collateral, but you donít have to make any monthly payments on the loan. The interest still goes on the loan, but you donít have to repay it until you sell the home or you die. Then the estate pays off the loan.

5. Can I get cash with my mortgage from Northern Rock Loan?
One of the features of a mortgage from Northern Rock Loan is that you can get extra cash to help you buy furniture, do renovations, pay off other debts or even take a holiday. You can also have a together mortgage of an unsecured loan of up to £30,000.

6. Can I get help with the closing costs of a mortgage from Northern Rock?
Northern Rock can help you save money on the closing costs of your mortgage. This is a Help With Costs option and the money is sent to your lawyer to help pay for the costs associated with getting a mortgage. The conditions that apply is that if you repay your mortgage early, sell your home or transfer the mortgage to another lender, you have to repay the Help with Costs money.

7. Can I switch my mortgage to Northern Rock from another lender?
It will take less than a month to do all the paper work for you to switch your mortgage to Northern Rock Loan. All you have to do is complete the application process and allow the appraisal into your home to do a valuation of the property. If you live in Northern Ireland, the process may take a little longer than a month.

8. What other services does Northern Rock offer?
Northern Rock offers a full range of savings accounts such as Internet accounts, accounts for those over 50, current accounts for businesses and many more. To see the full line of what this company offers, visit

9. How can I contact Northern Rock?
You can apply for a loan through the Northern Rock website or by calling 0845 602 2106. It is important to remember that personal loans are only available to customers who currently have a mortgage with the company.

10. What is an example of the amounts of repayment for a loan with Northern Rock?

£632.87 £421.91 £316.44 £210.96 £105.48
10.20% 10.20% 10.20% 10.20% 10.20%
£574.29 £382.86 £287.15 £191.43 £95.72
6.5% APR 6.7% APR 7.0% APR 7.5% APR 9.2%

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