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Apply Online Yes
Max Loan amount £25,000
Min Loan Amount £1000
Max Repayment Term 25 Years
Min Repayment Term 1 Year
Website Address:
Phone Number: Here 08457 24 34 44
Min Age: 18
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UK Halifax Loans

1. What is the Halifax Loan Company?
The Halifax Loan Company is a full service loan company that offers many services to its customers. Along withy being able to apply for a loan, you can also get your insurance with this company and have a savings or checking account. It also deals with credit cards and investments, so you can have all your financial needs met in one location.

2. Whats the benefits of getting a personal loan from Halifax?
There are many benefits to choosing Halifax Loan when you need to apply for a personal loan. These include:

• Fixed rate of interest over the term of the loan.
• Freedom to choose a repayment plan up to 7 years to suit your budget.
• No payments to make for the first three months.
• Apply online and receive an instant decision.
• No long waits to get your money – cheque within 24 hours.
• Loan payment protection is available.

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Rated by: 109 People

3. Can I get a homeowner loan from Halifax Loan?
Halifax Loan offers several different kinds of loan for homeowners. You can easily get a secured personal loan when you use your home as collateral and have more choice over how much money you borrow and how quickly you repay it. You can spread your payments over 25 years if you wish.

4. Will I have to pay a penalty if I pay my loan off early?
Halifax Loan does not charge an early payment penalty to its customers when they pay the loan off before the term. It doesn’t matter whether you borrow £3000 or £25,000. You can take the full term to make the repayments or pay it off as soon as you have the cash to do so.

5. What interest rate does Halifax Loan charge on its secured personal loans?
If you are an existing Halifax Loan customer, you can get interest rates as low as 7%. The rate that you receive depends on your individual circumstances. If you are not a Halifax Loan customer and do have loans with other lenders, then the lowest rate is about 7.8%.

6. Does Halifax Loan have any fees that I should be aware of?
Yes, there are fees associated with getting a Halifax Loan. There is an administration fee that is added to your loan, but if you apply online, you can get a discounted fee.

Some of the fees are:
• £199 if you apply online, but £299 if you apply over the phone or at a branch
• £299 if you have a mortgage with another lender and apply online, but £499 if you apply in person.

7. What loan protection does Halifax Loan offer?
Halifax Loan offers Credit Care. This loan protection will make your loan payments for you if you become ill and can’t work or if you lose your job. When you have this loan protection, the premiums for the insurance are included with your monthly payments. The amount you pay depends on the amount of money you borrow and the length of the term.

8. What about credit cards from Halifax Loan?
Halifax Loan has several different types of credit cards that you can apply for. These are:

• Halifax one.
• Flat Rate Credit Card.
• Affinity.
• Charity With all of these cards, Halifax Loan offers 0% APR on the unpaid balance for the first six months. With a charity card, it donates £20 to the charity of your choice. Even the regular interest rates are lower than those of other lenders at 15.9% APR.

9. What kind of insurance does Halifax Loan sell?
Halifax Loan can take care of all your insurance needs with home insurance, auto insurance, travel insurance and health and life insurance. You can apply for all the different kinds of insurance online and receive the low rates such as a 20% discount just for applying online.

10. How can I get in contact with Halifax Loan?
The website address where you can get all kinds of information about Halifax Loan plus apply for any of the services that it offers is: The top right hand corner of the page has a contact list where you can find out where the branches are located and any telephone numbers you might need.

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