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Apply Online Yes
Max Loan amount £25,000
Min Loan Amount £1000
Max Repayment Term 7 Year
Min Repayment Term 1 Year
Website Address:
Phone Number: Here 0800 096 8485
Min Age: 18
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UK AA Car Loans

1. What is an AA Car Loan?
An AA Car loan is a loan you... [more]

2. What are the criteria for applying for an AA car loan?
To be eligible to apply for an AA car loan... [more]

3. What APR does AA Car Loan charge?
The amount of APR (interest rate) for... [more]

4. What kinds of loans does AA Car Loan offer?
AA Car Loan offers car loans, personal... [more]

5. Does AA Car Loan charge a penalty for early repayment?
No, AA Car Loan does not charge... [more]

6. Can I apply for an AA Car Loan online?
Yes, you can apply for any of the loans online... [more]

7. Does AA Car Loan offer banking options?
AA Car Loan has three types of savings... [more]

8. Does AA Car Loan offer credit cards?
AA Car Loan has the AA Visa Card... [more]

9. What are the interest rates on car loans from AA Car Loan?
A typical loan for a vehicle from AA Car... [more]

10. What are the interest rates on personal loans?
The interest rate for the loan depends on the... [more]

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