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UK Personal Loan Guide

1. What is a personal loan?
A personal loan is money you can borrow from... [more]

2. Where can I get a personal loan?
The range of providers for personal loans... [more]

3. What is the ARP on a personal loan?
ARP stands for Annual Percentage Rate. This... [more]

4. What happens if I pay off my personal loan early?
This is an area where you have to use a little... [more]

5. What is Payment Protection Insurance?
Payment Protection Insurance can become... [more]

6. What sort of interest will I be paying?
With an unsecured personal loan the lender... [more]

7. What are the benefits of a personal loan?
The benefits of a personal loan are many... [more]

8. What happens if I can't repay the loan?
In the case of not being able to repay... [more]

9. Can I get a personal loan if I have bad credit?
Getting a personal loan with a bad credit... [more]

10. How can a personal loan affect my credit?
A personal loan can have a very positive impact... [more]

11. Can I get a personal loan if I am self employed?
If you are self- employed, getting a personal... [more]

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