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Home Loan Guide

1. What is a home loan?
A home loan is a loan that will allow you to purchase... [more]

2. Why would I need a home loan to buy a house?
When you are buying a house, you will find... [more]

3. What happens if I havenít saved any money?
If you havenít saved any money there are lenders... [more]

4. Will I be able to manage the payments?
Yes, the lender will spread the payments over... [more]

5. What happens if I default on the payments?
With the lender holding the house as collateral he has... [more]

6. Can I buy more than one home?
Yes, if you want to make an investment on... [more]

7. Would bi-monthly payments be to my advantage?
Yes, with bi-monthly payments you will be doing... [more]

8. Will the amount of time I choose to repay a home loan make a difference?
Yes, if you can afford to take your home loan... [more]

9. What options do I have for interest rates?
There are many options for interest rates on a... [more]

10. How can I prepare to get a home loan?
You can make sure your credit rating... [more]

This section contains questions about how to get uk home loans as well as the answers about home loans in the uk. Loan Guides trys very hard to keep all information about uk home loans up to date however you should look in our Financial Advisors directory for a financial advisor in your area. To find a Financial Advisor in your area use the left menu and click the area that you live and that will provide you with a full list of Financial Advisors in your city / town.

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