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UK Flexible Loan Guide

1. What is a Flexible loan?
A flexible loan acts like a checking... [more]

2. How much money can I borrow with a flexible loan?
The amount of money that you can... [more]

3. How much interest would I pay with a flexible loan?
The amount of interest that you pay on... [more]

4. How much will my monthly payments be with a flexible loan?
The monthly payments on a flexible loan... [more]

5. Is there a time schedule for the monthly payments?
As with any loan, there is a due date each... [more]

6. Is there a charge for paying the flexible loan off in full?
No there is no additional charge for repaying... [more]

7. Who are flexible loans best suited for?
Flexible loans are suited for anyone, but... [more]

8. What collateral do I need for a flexible loan?
A flexible loan is an unsecured loan, so... [more]

9. Is a flexible loan like a credit card?
Yes in some ways a flexible loan... [more]

10. How can I save money by taking out a flexible loan?
You can save money with a flexible loan... [more]

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