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UK Car Loan Guide

1. What is a Car loan?
A car loan is simply a loan that is offered to purchase... [more]

2. What is a secured car loan?
A secured car loan is a loan that you... [more]

3. What is an unsecured car loan?
With an unsecured car loan there is... [more]

4. Do I have to buy a new car?
No, there are many dealers out there... [more]

5. What if I am a graduate and just started a job?
If you are a graduate and you're looking for a car... [more]

6. If I have no collateral, can they use the car as collateral?
Yes, some lenders will use the car as collateral... [more]

7. Are there other ways a lender can secure a loan?
Yes, if you were a graduate then the lender... [more]

8. Should I research before I start looking for a car loan?
Yes, when you are purchasing anything research... [more]

9. Should I use a car loan calculator?
Yes this is a very smart tool to have at your disposal... [more]

10. What factors should I look for when getting a car loan?
You should base your decision on what income you... [more]

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