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UK Bad Credit Loan Guide

1. What is a Bad Credit loan?
A bad credit loan is a loan that is specifically... [more]

2. What if I am not a homeowner?
If you find yourself needing a bad credit loan... [more]

3. Where do I look for a bad credit loan?
There are many banks and loan companies... [more]

4. What kind of collateral will they require?
They will require something of value... [more]

5. Why would I need a loan if I have bad credit already?
If you have bad credit, a bad credit loan can... [more]

6. If I've had court judgments, can I still get a bad credit loan?
Yes, there are plans set in place by some... [more]

7. How much can I borrow with a bad credit loan?
This again depends on the equity that you... [more]

8. If my credit is bad now, how can a bad credit loan help?
If you find that you have over extended yourself... [more]

9. What if I'm behind on mortgage payments now?
It doesn't matter if you are behind on your... [more]

10. Will the reason for my bad credit have an impact on the lender ?
Yes, they will check your records and... [more]

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